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What Homeschoolers Should Know About Learning Styles
Studies show that seventy percent of children do NOT learn well in the way the schools teach-lecture/ textbook/ test–most students[...]
Writing Links to Help Your Teach Your Child to Write
Teaching tip: Blogging is an excellent way to “write to learn.” Consider starting a blog for your child. They can record school[...]
One Needful Thing
While we are teaching our children to study, research, and write, we need to remember that they are establishing and[...]
Handwriting Practice with Bible Passages
Like38.6KTweet0Share +10Pin0Share0 If you haven’t been to our new Lesson Plans site you are missing some neat printables. Here are[...]
Get Books FREE with Paperback Swap!
Like38.6KTweet0Share +10Pin0Share0 I am really excited about Paper Back Swap (PBS)! Most homeschoolers have shelves and shelves of books sitting[...]
Teaching Hebraically, Teaching Biblically
What does it mean to teach biblically? Hebraically? The entire Bible is a Hebrew book, not just the OT. The[...]